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Magnetometer MMPOS-1 Print
Written by Administrator   
среда, 17 января 2007

The mobile magnetometer MMPOS-1 is the high-precision instrument, based on Overhauser's effect. Magnetometer MMPOS-1 is intended for measuring the module of the earth magnetic field. Magnetometer can be used both for conducting the pedestrian surveys and as the stationary variation station.

Last Updated ( понедельник, 26 февраля 2007 )
OEM Magnetometer POS-1 Print
Written by Administrator   
вторник, 16 января 2007

Magnetometer POS-1 (Processor Overhauser Sensor) is the basic product, produced by the Quantum Magnetometry Laboratory. The majority of the instruments of the survey designation are completed on its basis. High sensitivity and speed are caused by the use of Overhauser's effect in the sensor of the magnetometer.

Last Updated ( четверг, 15 февраля 2007 )
Gradiometer MMPOS-2 Print
Written by Administrator   
понедельник, 15 января 2007

The mobile gradiometer MMPOS-2 is the development of magnetometer MMPOS-1 by adding the additional measuring channel. Gradiometer MMPOS-2 is intended for measuring of both the module of the earth magnetic field and its gradient with performing of field geological survey work. Gradiometer can also be used as the stationary base station for the record of variations in the earth magnetic field.

Last Updated ( суббота, 14 апреля 2007 )
Borehole magnetometer LOM-2 Print
Written by Administrator   
среда, 10 января 2007

The Quantum Magnetometry Laboratory presents new product - borehole Overhauser magnetometer LOM-2. This magnetometer possesses sensitivity to 0,1 nT for the one-second cycle of measurements with the diameter of the sensor only of 34 mm and the diameter of downhole apparatus - 42 mm.

Last Updated ( суббота, 14 апреля 2007 )