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Written by Sapunov   
вторник, 09 января 2007


The Laboratory of Quantum Magnetometry of Ural State Technical University (USTU-UPI) is the only designer of Overhauser sensor in Russia. Our sensors are used in hand-held magnetometers, borehole Overhauser magnetometer, air-borne, component Overhauser magnetometers and marine Overhauser magnetometer which are produced in our laboratory or together with other organization through the world.

The laboratory has an enormous experience in theory and experiments under Overhauser effect, search and studying of radicals and working substance, computer methods of calculation and sensor optimization, and also in developing algorithms for signals processing of proton precession for the purpose of magnetometry.

Basic products:

  • Mobile Overhauser magnetometer MMPOS-1.
  • Mobile Overhauser gradiometer MMPOS-2 for module and gradient survey.
  • Borehole Overhauser magnetometer LOM-2 which has only 42 mm diameter of downhole apparatus.
  • OEM Overhauser magnetometer POS-1 with RS-232 communication port for magnetic observatories and other applications.

The major advantages:

  • The high accuracy of magnetometers is ensured by the use of Overhauser's effect in the primary converters and by the application of original algorithms of processing the signal of the proton precession.
  • The high speed operation of magnetometers due to the use of cycles with the synchronous polarization.
  • Low power consumption, small sizes and light weight - characteristic of all Overhauser magnetometers.
  • Convenient user interfes of field instruments with 240x128 graphic LCD and 32-key keyboard.
  • Support by software for the stationary operating conditions.
  • Storing of the GPS coordinates, obtained from the built-in or external receiver.
  • Presence of the additional accessories, which facilitate work with the magnetometer.

We'd be glad for cooperation with you which, we believe, is to be mutually profitable.

We are open for cooperation in any other development of application of Overhauser effect and effect of nuclear magnetic resonance in the range of weak magnetic fields.

Head of laboratory, Dr. Vladimir A. Sapunov.

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