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OEM Magnetometer POS-1 Print
Written by Administrator   
вторник, 16 января 2007
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OEM Magnetometer POS-1
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Flexible cable design POS-1/FC
Observatory design POS-1/OBS
Build-in GPS receiver
Gradiometer POS-2

Magnetometer POS-1 (Processor Overhauser Sensor) is the basic product, produced by the Quantum Magnetometry Laboratory. The majority of the instruments of the survey designation are completed on its basis. High sensitivity and speed are caused by the use of Overhauser's effect in the sensor of the magnetometer.

The POS is the "Black Box" Overhauser magnetometers interfaced only via RS232 port. The POS intended for geology prospecting, observatory, volcanology and earthquake monitoring applications. The POS technology and design allows applying various types of data loggers and software. The consumers can apply a self-made registrar or software as a POS management protocol is delivered.

There is an opportunity a step by step to replenish by optional parts according to the user’s tasks. The internal POS software can be updated via PC-com port to meet new user’s needs. Thus the key professionally created fragment of Overhauser technology provides your long-term prospects and it also is provided by the record lifetime of our Overhauser sensor substance R7 up to 10 years!

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