Magnetometer MMPOS-1
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The mobile magnetometer MMPOS-1 is the high-precision instrument, based on Overhauser's effect. Magnetometer MMPOS-1 is intended for measuring the module of the earth magnetic field. Magnetometer can be used both for conducting the pedestrian surveys and as the stationary variation station.

The mobile magnetometer MMPOS-1 is a scalar Overhauser magnetometer, based on OEM magnetometer POS-1 and data logger DLPOS. It is intended for ground precision geological survey.

MMPOS-1 Design
All modes, necessary at field works are provided:

  • Base (variation) station.
  • Magnetic mapping with manual and semi-automatic input of point, line, time and data saving in non-voltage memory.
  • Walking mode of continuous measurements (cycle up to 1 sec) and opportunity to mark of the point, line and GPS coordinates.
  • Magnetic mapping with automatic input of coordinates and time from external GPS-receiver (optional or DLPOS v2.0 delivery set) with an opportunity of intermediate marks.
  • Test mode without data saving with calculation of average and RMS meaning of 11 measurements.
  • Textual and graphic visualization mode of the DLPOS and data transfer using DLPOS Explorer software by RS232 port.

The special knapsack MAGMAN provides freehand convenient fastening of the Overhauser sensor, data logger and battery.


The MMPOS-1 consists from the high-sensitivity (up to 0.01nT, resolution 0.001nT) processor Overhauser sensor POS-1 and specialized waterproof data logger DLPOS whose technical parameters are submitted in corresponding articles.

Total weight of the MMPOS-1 in field assembly is up to 4.5 kg and 2.5 kg of 7Ah battery. The 7Аh battery provides up to 24 hours of base station operating at a cycle 1-sec and 5 days at field works.

Delivery set

The magnetometer MMPOS-1 set:

  • DLPOS v1.0 data logger.
  • POS-1 including Overhauser sensor’s head OS-2 with flexible HF-cable and electronic block (hard stuff design on inquiry).
  • Knapsack MAGMAN including a soft shipping bag.
  • Collar of sensor fastening with 4*0.5 meter aluminum stuffs.
  • Overhauser sensor cable (1.7 meter).
  • Cable POS-1 to DLPOS (1.5m).
  • Base station cable POS-1 to DLPOS of 25 meter.
  • Loading DLPOS data to PC cable.
  • DLPOS battery cable (1.5m).
  • QM Soft (Win32) software including QMSetup, DlposExplorer, PosManager.
  • User guide.

Delivery is in the MAGMAN soft bag and shipping cardboard box. Optional delivery is in a wooden or plastic PELICAN box including battery and charging unit.

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